All-In-One Twirling Cat Toy
All-In-One Twirling Cat Toy
All-In-One Twirling Cat Toy
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All-In-One Twirling Cat Toy

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Love To Watch Your Cat Play?

This Is Exceptional Toy For Keeping Bored Cats Guessing!

 3-in-1 - Battery Powered Tumbler, Laser And Treat Ball All-In-One.

 Perfect ALL Cats! The younger ones will fight with it while the older elder cats always look at it curiously.

 FDA Approved Laser Light (less than 5 milliwatts)

 Automatic Timer: it shuts off automatically after 10 mins to save battery life! Stop worrying about forgetting to turn off the toy.

 Requires 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included)

 Does multiple actions such as twirl, which spins the wand around on the top. And also has a laser which flies around the room as the toy spins. It Keeps Changing Patterns Which Keeps Your Cat Mentally And Physically Stimulated! This Results in a Happier Cat 

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