Undercover Teaser Toy
Undercover Teaser Toy
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Undercover Teaser Toy

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Love To Play With Your Cat?

This NEW Revolving Cat Toy Is Guaranteed To Peak Your Cats Attention!

 Cats Love This Toy Because of the Peek-a-Boo Mechanism That Will Keep Your Cats Guessing for Hours as it Circles Around!

 Multiple Modes With Speed and Random Direction Changes Will Keep Cats Entertained For Hours!

 Highly Durable, Long Lasting Nylon Cover and Sturdy, Cat-Proof Build Holds Well Against Heavy & Repeated Pouncing.

 Loved by Cats of All Ages!

 Great for Keeping Your Cat Active & Fit.

 Uses 3x C Batteries (Not Included)

✅100% Hassle Free! Sit Back & Enjoy Watching Your Cats Play!  

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